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Noybel Gorgoy comes from the city of Pinar del Rio in the island of Cuba , land of many famous Artists. She grew up listening to music and developing in arts thanks to her musician dad Noel Gorgoy wish is also a big artist in her city. At the age of 7 she started in the School of arts of Pinar del Rio learning classical piano , music theory and also voice trainin. At the same time, Noybel entered many singing competitions in which she won many awards, and guest spots on other shows. At the age of 8 she experienced her first recording experience on Radio Guama, the biggest radio station of Pinar del Rio. With her Father’s show “Music for Children.” This same show was also awarded in the Radio Festival in which she was part of the “Song of the Year” recording with the biggest artists of Pinar del Rio. Noybel also was one of her school’s choir lead singers, and went to the National Competition of Elemental Choirs in Habana as the soloist winning 2nd place. This lead to recording in Radio Progreso Studios in Habana.
At the age of 14 she her studies took her to the city of Habana in the National School of Arts in Habana. The curriculum ventured deeper into theory of music, harmony and voice training. Already far from her family, she persevered by working hard, giving the best she could, and making her family proud.

From the age of 14 till 18 she worked with some of the best musicians in Habana. Artists like, Roman Filiw, Roberto Carcases, Polito Ibanes, Alejandro Vargas, and others. She also sang with some of the best choirs and worked with some of the best choir directors like Maria Felicia, Digna Guerra from the National Choir of Cuba and Entre Voces, , also with the Polyphonic choir of Habana and Vocal Leo Choir .

Noybel was a part in many different salsa bands like, Asucar Negra, Azucar Band touring to different countries of Europe. She has performed in Salsa festivals in Capanelle Italy , Brussels and Belgium; as well as doing National tours and being a guest on the CD Sin Mirar Atras. Noybel was a guest in the 7th anniversary on 23 and M one of the top TV shows in Cuba. in which she performed with some of the top singers of the island.

At the age of 19 she entered the University of Arts in Habana. studying classical singing and advanced music theory. She also took part in many different jazz sections with some of the best musicians from Cuba in the theater Amadeo Roldan and the jazz club La Zorra y el Cuervo in Habana. Furthermore she recorded a salsa song in Japanese, for a Japanese cartoon company. She also recorded on the CD, Calle 66 la Nueva Onda Cubana. in which featured some of the young up and coming talents of Cuba. As a rising star Noybel, was invited to the TV Show Super 12, presented by Gerardo Piloto one of the best drummers of cuba and director of the band Klimax. At the age of 20 she was part of the cuban show Lady Salsa, and she also recorded with the same company the single ‘Carnaval”.

At the age of 21, Noybel arrived in the United States of America, as part of the cast of the show Havana Night Club. All Cuban members from this hit show sought out “political asylum.” This collective act has the distinction as being the biggest defection in the history of Cuba. During theses two years which included many performances in Madison square Garden in New York, Seminole Hard Rock in Miami, Miami University Arena, and a production show residence in the Stardust Casino, Las Vegas, Noybel and her cast mates were a regular part of the national news. With this production she has recorded the DVD and CD Havana Night Club “Live in Miami” and the CD “Havana Night Chill.”

During this period Noybel started to write her own music. She also continued to develop her dancing skills by taking ballet, modern, hip hop and Cuban folklore. This artistic growth allowed her to be back up for different female dancers in the show. After Havana NIght Club closed, she stayed with the same company and was part of another show called “Raw Talent Live,” in which she danced, acted and sang with a python snake.

At the age of 24, Noybel started a new chapter as an independent artist in Las Vegas. She also obtained a new degree as a make up artist and Esthetician. She has and continues to work in the music industry with many of the top bands and musicians in Las Vegas such as Michito Sanchez y su salsa Orquestra, “Voices” show, with Lani Misalucha (top Diva in Philippines), Aubry O’Day, and the Hot Club of Las Vegas directed by Mundo Juillerat (guitarist of the show Le Reve show).

As a special guest in different situations she’s performed with the amazing gypsy jazz band Hot Club of Las Vegas at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas, Salsa Congress in Las Vegas, Gal of the President of the United State Barack Obama in Las Vegas, red carpet event of the movie “Reach For Me” by Giordano World Entertainment, and the red carpet event for “La Gota De Vida” in Los Angeles California. She was part of the Latin Grammy Awards Ceremony in 2009, as an actress. Miss Gorgoy has consistently performed in many hotels and casinos in las Vegas and also different cities of the United States.

In 2010 thru her hard work and determination Noybel Gorgoy became an American citizen! In continuing her studies Noybel has trained with the best vocal teacher in Las Vegas, Greg Enriquez. Today Gorgoy continues to develop and challenge her music skills thru her performances and musical compositions. All the while putting up Cuba’s names and representing her ethnicity with her strong energy,musical diversity, and sexy moves. She is open and excited about what music and life has to give.

In the summer of 2010, Noybel officially joined gypsy jazz band “The Hot Club of las Vegas” as their new lead singer. Bringing her incredible voice, musicality and Cuban spirit “The Hot Club of Las Vegas featuring Noybel Gorgoy,” are poised to record a new CD, and are gearing up for a big 2011!



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