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Martin Nievera


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Born in Hawaii, Martin Nievera made a move that would change his life forever….1982 he relocated to Manila to follow in his fathers footsteps.. singer and entertainer Bert Nievera.  He since then has captivated audiences all over the world including Asia, United States, Europe, Canada, the Middle East and Australia.  Martin has gone from strength to strength, from success to success, his gift for gab, his sense of humor and his powerful and affecting voice disarming a public that spanned all classes and hailed him as the “Concert King” and with good reason. 

Martin quickly came into his own entertainer, conquering television as a host of the late night musical variety “Penthouse Live” and the music industry with his debut album “MartinE` Take One” which went platinum five months after it’s release. 

Martin is on a roll, doing one concert after another.  Since he kicked off his performing blitz with his anniversary concert “Martin Nievera…XVll” in July last year, Martin has not slowed down in the live concert scene both in the Philippines and abroad.  HBO Asia recently acknowledged Martin as the main artist in it’s first ever HBO in Concert, a concert series that toured him through key Philippine cities.  While the series included other popular artist, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind, not among HBO Asia executives, not among the sell out crowds that packed mammoth venues as to who the concert’s main attraction would be..none other then Martin Nievera.

The demand for Martin Nievera performances remains undiminished.  Martin is confident that neither the public nor himself will suffer the chill of exhaustion.  His confidence comes not from cockiness but in his unshakable belief that people can only respond positively to passion.  Martin has said “Ultimately, the audience responds to the amount of passion you bring in to what you’re doing, and you can’t fake passion. 

Martin has toured the World, he has released 14 albums to date, and has won the hearts of audiences with every breath he takes.  His performances are incomparable, his voice is exceptional… Martin has charmed and enchanted sell out crowds with his songs, his charisma, his sheer energy. With Martin’s boundless energy and musicality, we can only expect electrifying performances from the Philippines one and only Concert King Martin Nievera.

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