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MARK VERABIAN has fast become one of Las Vegas’ most sought after entertainers.

MARK and his MARTINIS band take you on a musical journey featuring Mark’s baritone-tenor voice. His range andvocal ability covers all styles of music, including jazz, r&b, rock, latin and classical. Although Mark will occasionally pulloff some uncanny vocal impressions, he does not imitate the original artists, he interprets their music and makes it his own. Mark Verabian sings the music of our times, the music of our lives.


Taking his performance a step further, Mark sits at the piano, and leads the band in an ELTON JOHN orJERRY LEE LEWIS tune, or strums the guitar while sharing an intimate moment with his audience. Withselections ranging from the music like Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” to Billy Joel’s “New York State ofMind” to contemporary styles like Michael Buble’s “FEELING GOOD”, Josh Groban and Jason Mraz. Not toforget touching on Andrea Bocelli’s “TIME TO SAY GOODBYE” to medleys from iconic artists like BOBBYDARIN, NEIL DIAMOND music to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Music of the Night”, and the songs stir all youremotions. From Swingin’ RAT PACK music to BROADWAY and back to MARK’s Los Angeles/Sunset blvdroots, classic rock and blues. He truly embodies what live musical entertainment has always’s allabout the music!

Mark's band is a collaboration of some of Las Vegas’ finest musicians & singers. Not just side-men, butperformers in their own right. Various female co-stars compliment Mark perfectly with some show-stoppingduets.

The Voice of Vegas Show appeals to all generations, and has his audience singing and clapping along to themusic of the millennium.

Just a few quotes from some serious singers.....

"Mark Verabian, now there's a great singer!"  Tom Jones, MGM Grand

"Mark has got the entire package, presence, charm and grammy quality vocals" - Tony Bennett, Las Vegas Hilton


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