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Lively. Charming. Incredible. Entertaining! From the first down beat, HNLV provides an exhilarating and high energy show that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories and have them entertained and on the floor the entire night. The band's mantra is simple: Deliver an entertaining, engaging and memorable performance --- Every. Single. Time.


HNLV tailor makes every show to suit the needs of our individual clients, so no two shows are the same. From enduring classics to today's top hits, their catalogue appeals to one and all as they flawlessly perform Top 40, dance, classic rock, disco/funk, R&B, Motown and many more. They have the versatility to perform at any event for which you need entertainment. HNLV will take you on a ride through time and a stroll down memory lane that will leave you feeling nostalgic and yearning for more.


HNLV is a group of six talented musicians and vocalists. Our dedicated members have performed all over Las Vegas, NV and all around the country. The band radiates a high intensity and desire for gigs that astonishes our audiences time and time again. The experience and passionate love for music and entertaining from each of our members has produced a loyal following of fans and several on-going standing engagements. The band members also often switch instruments which often catches audience members by surprise. You will be guaranteed a night of first class entertainment from HNLV!


Let's face it. The main goal of all parties, celebrations, and special occasions is to have a great time. Finding a band that can complement and produce that thrilling, lively & entertaining atmosphere is easy when you choose HNLV. Crisp harmonies, a vibrant stage show, a packed dance floor, devotion to detail...this six member band delivers! HNLV is perfect for corporate and gala events, conventions, weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs or any kind of festivity where you need the lively, energetic, dynamic sound of HNLV to get the party 'pumpin'.

Make sure that you request HNLV for your next event. The band is comfortable in both huge festival formats and small private gatherings; no matter the size of your event, HNLV will coalesce and harmonize to make any event inclusive and intimate. We can promise you that you'll be singing along and dancing all night, to favorites of the past and hits from today.


So there you have it...killer musicians, nice people and the burning desire for music... Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, outdoor concert or any other private party, HNLV will always meet your needs. For more info on HNLV check out their Facebook page at




BRAD TOMAS - Vocals / Keyboards / Key Bass / Bass

MANNY SALES- Vocals / Bass / Guitar / Drums

RONNIE ESTEBAN - Vocals / Keyboards /Programming/ Drums

DON MACALA - Vocals / Drums / Bass

MATT MERCADO - Vocals / Guitar

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