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From the Gibson guitars stage at the 2015 CES convention to The Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas, the 25-year-old Calloway has quickly gained steam playing open mics all over the city. He’s also won the hearts of Downtown Project folks, recently earning an invitation to play a DTP-produced Sofar Sounds session. Calloway has also graced the stage at the Gibson Speakeasy during the Amplified Wine Festival in 2014. "Through my music, I want to bring people together. I feel like that's our duty as a singer but most importantly as a songwriter. We need to bring awareness & love to the forefront of music all over the world."


He draws lyrical content from legends like John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, 2pac, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. Calloway's message conveys through with his song "State Of Misery" which is a reflection of self but also the economic & social conditions of today's world. His inspiration behind singing comes from the likes of vocal powerhouses like Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Janis Joplin and Donny Hathaway. “Deep down I feel like I have this hippie kind of spirit.”


I'M A LOVER OF ALL KINDS OF MUSIC!! i would love to make it big one day and inspire and touch the world through music!! But most importantly continue to spread the message of LOVE because its something that i feel is missing from this beautiful world!! enjoy and plz subscribe!!! peace n love, cam

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