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Their vocal ability is without question “As good as it gets!” 

They will get you on your feet with their high energy medley of Earth Wind & Fire, or they can smooth your mood with some Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross or Sinatra.  Singing all genres of music, one minute they will be taking you back to the Motown days, or the classic rock of Journey and Chicago the bring you back to your bell bottom days of the 80’s & 90’s Disco, then shock you with a “DRIPPIN IN FINESE" or "24 Karat" by Bruno Mars, and other artists of today like:  Beyonce', Drake, Imagine Dragons, Cardi B, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Lady Antebellum, PitBull… just to name a few.  You can dance and party all night long or simply sit back and enjoy what is right before your eyes…pure talent!!! 

Having worked the Las Vegas circuit for over 25 years, Jonathan, the leader of JAMM, knows what it takes to keep you entertained. Excellence in vocals and musical arrangements sets them apart from most all other groups.  Also, variety in music is the key.  You have all ages, all walks of life and everyone has different tastes.  So being the people pleaser that Jonathan is, he has learned to play all styles so something they do will make you happy.  And he doesn’t just play it to get by, he perfects it, so you will be leaving saying that they sound better than the original recording artist that is on the radio.  

When you add in APRIL DEVELOS, the most powerful, fireball, female lead singer/dancer/entertainer to hit Vegas in a long time, WATCH OUT!  She will mesmerize you with her moves, voice and energy!

Then, JUSTIN CENTENO, who not only tears up the guitar, but he also, plays drums and bass and sings lead on many of the songs of today.  His boyish charm, good looks and incredible vocals and musicianship will capture you from the very beginning!

Add in STEVE GRANTHAM on drums, who's been in Vegas for many years and is known to many of us in the industry as a white Luther Vandross, his soul in his vocals and in his playing are undeniably spot on.

PETE SPRAGUE, keyboard extraordinaire, not only being a virtuosa on the piano and keys, you can't miss him he's the tallest guy in the group!  Also, a lead singer himself, he will keep everyone laughing behind the scenes.

Our newest member of JAMM is the one and only WALTER JONES on bass.  He's played with so many incredible artists through his years in Vegas, we feel very lucky to have gotten him to perform with us when he's available.  He's the exact perfect last piece of the musical puzzle we were looking for.  

Besides working in Las Vegas, they also travel worldwide for various conventions, special events, weddings and showroom venues…wherever they are requested, they look forward to the next adventure they take as a fine oiled music making machine!

They don’t just play music or songs, they truly create MUSIC MAGIC!

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